All products, product technical specifications and data are subject to change without notice due to improved reliability, function, design or other reasons.
For any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness in any product-related data manuals or other published materials, Stromian Tech and its subsidiaries
The company, agents and employees, as well as all individuals representing the company (collectively referred to as "Stromain"), do not bear any and all responsibilities.

Stromain does not guarantee, represent or guarantee the suitability of the product for a specific purpose or the continuous production of any product. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Stromain shall not be liable for:
(i) Any and all liabilities arising from the application or use of any product,
(ii) Including but not limited to any and all liabilities arising from specific, joint or incidental damages,
(iii) No implied guarantee in any form, including no guarantee of suitability, non-infringement, and merchantability for a specific purpose.

The statement that the product is suitable for a certain type of application shall be subject to the typical requirements of Stromain products under the general application environment mastered by Stromain. There is no connection between such declarations and the suitability declarations for specific applications of the product. The customer is solely responsible for certifying whether a specific product is suitable for a specific application according to the specifications of the product.

The parameters provided in data sheets and/or technical specifications may vary for different applications, and performance may vary over time. All working parameters, including typical parameters, must be confirmed by the customer’s technical experts according to each customer’s application environment. Product technical specifications do not extend or otherwise modify Stromain's purchase terms and conditions, including but not limited to the stipulated warranty conditions.

Unless otherwise noted in writing, Stromain products are not used for medical treatment, ambulance or life support, or other applications where failure of Stromain products may cause personal injury or death. Customers use or sell Stromain products that do not clearly indicate that they can be used in the above applications at their own risk. To obtain written terms and conditions for products designated for the above applications, please contact an authorized Stromain person.

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