September 01, 2021 2 min read

What's wrong with the rechargeable angle grinder not rotating?

1. There is a problem with the power supply, and a new battery needs to be replaced.
2. The switch is damaged and the switch needs to be replaced.
3. The carbon brushes of the brushed motor are worn out, and the carbon brushes need to be replaced.

The order of dismantling the angle grinder is to take the carbon brush first, then take the rotor, and then dismantle the others. The installation sequence is reversed.

Change the carbon brush. The carbon brushes of angle grinders are divided into carbon brushes without springs (a few types) and carbon brushes with springs (most types). The carbon brushes with springs are used in the carbon brush pot, and the carbon brushes without springs are used. In the carbon brush holder. Each power tool has a suitable carbon brush corresponding to it. When the carbon brushes are almost used up, they must be replaced with new ones. When replacing a carbon brush, pay attention to the size of the carbon brush, whether the copper wire in the carbon brush is damaged, and the tightness of the spring. Sometimes the carbon brushes with loose springs will have poor contact after being replaced, so there will be no response after the machine is energized.

4. The rotor of the angle grinder is often burned out, and the rotor or stator needs to be replaced.

Change the stator and rotor. The rotor of the angle grinder often burns out. Open the carbon brush cover first, take out the carbon brush hand drill, you can see the rotor has burnt signs, and smells of burnt. Then remove the first shell and take out the rotor to see if the stator is also burned. The stator and rotor of different models and styles of angle grinders are different, so when changing the stator and rotor, they should match the original machine. In addition, sometimes the angle grinder is used to generate abnormal heat, most of which are related to the stator and rotor. The stator and rotor must not be damp or rusty. Sometimes the machine rotates abnormally, the speed is uneven, and there is no strength. Most of the converters connected to the rotor commutator are broken or not welded well, so they can only be replaced with new ones. If it takes a long time, it is necessary to consider whether the bearing is broken. The stator seldom burns, and most of it burns only the spring coil.

5. The head shell of the angle grinder is broken, and the head shell needs to be replaced.

Change the head shell. The head shell is fragile and replace it with a new one. If the self-locking on the head shell is broken (often broken), do not need to repair it, use a fork and wrench instead. If the gear is broken, replace it with an old one, because gears are rarely broken. Sometimes the gear nut on the rotor is not tightened, which will cause the rotor to rotate after power-on, but the main shaft does not rotate.