August 24, 2021 2 min read

 Stromain Cordless Tool battery packs are made of well-known brand 18650 batteries, with ultra-high charge and discharge cycles, extremely low battery internal resistance, stable performance, and excellent output.


Lithium batteries are born to be a grumpy little guy. I believe everyone often sees news about lithium battery accidents. So how does Stromain Cordless Tool optimize protection?
First of all, the 18650 battery has a built-in first safety protection, and then Stromain Cordless Tool has developed a mature and stable second charge and discharge protection (software protection is added to the 18V series). All protection is only for you to use Stromain Cordless Tool's lithium battery tools safely and securely. In Stromain Cordless Tool's lithium battery tool department, there is a saying: Even if there is a 0.1% hidden danger, we must use 100% of our efforts to solve it.

18V battery pack

18V batteries are made of 5 18650 batteries in series, and the capacity is proportional to the number of battery packs. Stromain 18V platform currently has 17 models with universal batteries.

Model features: coexistence of strength and beauty.

18650 lithium battery

There are many kinds of batteries on the market, and the field of power tools has completely changed from the former nickel-cadmium battery to the current lithium-ion battery, which is what we often call 18650 lithium battery.

Compared with previous nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion batteries have the following advantages:

  1. High energy density-to achieve larger capacity storage.
  2. Relatively low self-discharge-half lower than nickel-cadmium batteries.
  3. The new battery does not need to be pre-charged-remember that the new nickel-cadmium battery we bought needed to be charged and discharged three times?
  4. Convenient to use-no need for regular discharge, no memory effect.
  5. High current-The power battery required by electric tools needs to support high current discharge.
  6. light weight and no pollution-compared with nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries have the characteristics of light weight and no pollution.