August 31, 2021 2 min read

 Why? In the category of hand-held power tools, safety incidents related to angle grinders have always been high?

 Because of its lightweight and convenient body and strong power, it is also modified for other purposes.

The original intention of the angle grinder is to polish utensils. Relatively speaking, if it is used for cutting, the dangerous system will be greatly improved. Especially for novices, if they are not familiar with the use specifications, they may cause serious personal injury accidents. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the actual use of angle grinders.

 01Safety in the workplace

 Keep the workplace clean and bright;

Do not operate the angle grinder in an explosive environment, such as an environment with flammable liquid, gas or dust;

Keep away from children and keep bystanders a safe distance from the work area. Anyone who enters the work area must wear protective equipment;

If a device is provided for connecting with chip removal and dust collection equipment, make sure that it is well connected and used properly.

02Electrical Safety

The plug of the angle grinder must match the socket, and the plug must not be modified in any way;

Avoid touching grounded surfaces such as pipes, heat sinks and refrigerators;

Do not expose the angle grinder to rain or a humid environment; if it is unavoidable to operate in a humid environment, you should use a power supply with residual current device (RCD) protection;

Do not abuse wires. Never use a flexible cord to carry, pull the angle grinder or pull out the plug, and keep the cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges or moving objects;

For outdoor use, use an extension cord suitable for outdoor use.

03Personal safety

Use personal protective equipment and always wear protective goggles. Under certain conditions, use non-slip safety shoes, helmets, hearing protection, gloves, and work aprons that can block small abrasives or work debris to reduce personal injury;

Dress appropriately. Do not wear loose clothes or wear accessories, keep your hair and clothes away from moving parts.

Before turning on the angle grinder, remove all adjustment keys or wrenches; properly place the cord and keep it away from the rotating accessories;

Keep your grip on the angle grinder tightly and don't stretch your hands too much, so that your body and arms are in the correct state to resist the rebound force. When operating an angle grinder, pay attention to what you are doing and stay awake. Do not operate the angle grinder when you are tired, or when you are responding to drugs, alcohol, or treatment;

When working on sharp corners, sharp edges, etc., pay attention to avoiding the bounce and entanglement of the accessories, do not stand where the angle grinder may move when rebound occurs, and never put your hands close to the rotating accessories.


Clean the air vent

The air inlet and outlet of the angle grinder must be kept clean. It should be cleaned regularly or whenever there is a blockage. Among them, the detachable wind window can be extracted from the whole machine and clean up dust.