August 31, 2021 1 min read

Now more and more people are beginning to enjoy the fun of DIY - do it yourself. If you like interior design&home decor, you will surely start to make your own furniture upcycle slowly.

We often need to drill holes and fasten screws in wood or walls. Among the many power tools, cordless drill is the first power tool that DIY needs to own. Stromain 18V Cordless Drill is an efficient and reliable Cordless Drill. It has a keyless chuck that allows you to clamp any size drill and bit within 0-3/8 IN.

It has a battery with a capacity of 2.0Ah, and you can work outdoors without a power source without being affected by the power source. You can adjust the torque according to your needs. The greater the torque, the greater the load capacity. If you want to drill a hole with a large diameter and a deep hole in a wooden board, you can use Stromain 18V Cordless Drill, adjust the torque to a large number such as 15, and drill at a slow speed (speed 1).

Stromain Cordless Drill can also play a role when you assemble furniture. Many DIY enthusiasts will choose IKEA DIY directly and be an IKEA Hack. Stromain Cordless Drill allows you to enjoy more DIY fun.